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Are These The New Adidas Yeezy 3s? Step Inside Kanye’s Mind

yeezy 3 or nah

Obviously this is not Kanye’s personal Adidas Yeezy 3 sketches but an artist’s rendition when they step into the mind of Kanye West. I spotted this gem on a Facebook sneaker page called the Midwest Shoe Exchange or MSX. The illustrator of this masterpiece goes a little more Haha then high fashion with this work.

Whatever Kanye and Adidas are cooking up can it top this over the top mock up?


Raccoon Brand – Pool Party Tee

Above: Pool Party Tee and various Racoon Brand stickers/pins.

Above: Pool Party Tee and various Raccoon Brand stickers/pins.

A brand revolving around the mischievous raccoon gives us an exciting new scene print. The Pool Party Tee pictures Raccoon Brand’s classic fun-loving raccoons having a blast in the neighborhood pool. I was lucky enough to sample the new Pool Party Tee. Raccoon Brand prints always look high quality on product. Water based full color prints are used to create a “no touch” feel. Raccoon Brand has an assortment of new graphic tees as well as sweatshirts, hoodies, and tanks available on their website, If you are looking for a quality tee-shirt look no further than Raccoon Brand. Some of the softest pieces I own are Raccoon Brand tees. All tees are pre-shrunk so that all sizes are true. When you are looking for your next clothing purchase be sure to check the raccoon Brand shop for great designs and new pieces popping up on shop.

Raccoon logo

The Future: Activist Eyewear

Activist Byrd Frames.

Activist Byrd Frames.

“We believe you should never have to choose between style and performance. We believe in unparalleled optics that protect your eyes and enhance your view of the world.” Activist Eyewear is a brand that stands for creative change and a life spent exploring the world. Since emerging onto the fashion scene in 2010, Activist Eyewear has made it clear that they’re going to stick to the plan of being a completely genuine brand. They have created new inventions (Split-Fit™ design and ActiVIZm™ polarized lenses) in order to provide their customers with the best possible view of the world. Activist Eyewear was founded in Brooklyn, New York by business director, Anthony Codispoti and creative director, Mark Craig. The brand is internationally known since the entire line is “Designed in Brooklyn & crafted in Japan.” Be sure to check out and buy some of Activist Eyewear’s products on the link below.



Vespertine Machine – New T-Shirt Releases


Vespertine Machine has restocked on its products for the fall season. Some of their favorite designs have been revisited for their line of T-shirts. Vespertine Machine products can be found at the Vespertine Machine Site.  All T-shirt designs are available in Black and a light grey coloring. All Ts are printed with soft ink on a super comfortable poly cotton fabric. Vespertine Machine has even provided us with a 50% discount code for the new fall lineup to share with Rupture Spot followers.

Code: Halloween  

For 50% off your order!

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Vespertine Machine – New T-Shirts

nightwalkervice cityragsgod of wine

Fresh new gear from one of our favorite brands, Vespertine Machine. VM clothing is always printed on high quality, comfortable shirts. In addition to the quality all designs from Vespertine Machine are very unique and creative.

You can find all Vespertine Machine products on their website. Shop.


100 Proof Apparel – Winter Product Line

100 Proof Apparel has dropped their latest winter product line. The guys from San Francisco bring the heat. The winter line includes tees, beanies, and crewnecks. All the products are availiable on their online shop. Just click here. Some photos from the winter look book are avaliable below.

To see the rest of the look book visit their website or click here for the lookbook.