This site is all about keeping its vistors in the loop on all the newest mixtapes and great music that you may not know about. We are from Cincinnati so you know we have the midwest on lock. We are always looking for new artists and brands to promote so contact us, don’t be shy. Rupture Spot is looking to grow and expand.

Why the name Rupture Spot? It’s not very google firendly, it has no words relating to music in it, what’s the deal? Rupture Spot is a combination of the connotation of two very strong words. Spot, A location. The word Spot is very precise. It is a place that you know. Where do you go for your music? Who is your rap plug? Rupture Spot. Rupture, something is about to explode. If something is going to rupture it is about to blow. Rupture Spot was born of this fusion of word to create a music media site to serve your hip-hop, EDM, TRAP, and music media related needs.

If you are trying to contact us please refer to our Contact Us Page.

ASAPTyler Cropme












Rupture Spot Playlist

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