#TBT Songs You Smoked Pot to in High School

(I bet they were listening to Coldplay)

(I bet they were listening to Coldplay)

Think back to the glory days. You had your letterman’s jacket, a main bitch, and a side bitch; you had the world by the balls in high school. The only thing you had to worry about was when that last bell would ring and finally liberate you from the confines of those walls. If you were anything like me and my friends, you’d jump in the whip, pass the aux chord to whoever had the dopest iTunes, and immediately start breaking down the bud.

Although, we do not condone teenage drug use here at Rupture Spot, we do recognize that it is a real thing! That being said, we have decided to provide the good stoners of the world with a few tracks that we used to bump when we were “rollin’ down the street, smokin’ endo, sippin’ on gin & juiceeeee.” This post is dedicated to the kids who may have had a lower GPA, but always had higher spirits.

See the list here. 

“Still Blazin'” by Wiz Khalifa

When Wiz Khalifa dropped, Kush and Orange Juice, stoners all over the world rolled one up in celebration. With tracks like “Still Blazin'”, “Mezmerized”, and “In The Cut” this mixtape became an instant classic in stoner hip-hop. With a mellow reggae style beat, when this track comes on there’s nothing to do but roll a paper plane and get lost in the music.

Mike Posner – Smoke n Drive (Feat. Big Sean, Donnis, Jackie Chan)

Say whatever you will about Mike Posner, that dude makes hits. This track sums up my high school years in 3 minutes and 23 seconds; roll the weed and the windows up, turn the music up, and hot box the car. The biggest highlight on the track is the feature from a younger Big Sean. Next time you find yourself cruising under the city lights or along the back roads, do yourself a favor and turn this track up.

Chip Tha Ripper – Feel Good

Before the rest of the world had any idea who King Chip was, my home state of Ohio was proudly smoking blunts and letting chip speak. This track is the best for any good day, Chip’s lyrics will boost your ego in ridiculous ways. The hook alone will have you walking around with a swagger that screams, “Bitch, I feel good.”


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I'm a communications major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I am a sports writer for The Source and a hip-hop writer for RuptureSpot.com

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