KXNG CROOKED (Crooked I) – Freestylin’ Under Oath

Freesytlin Under Oath (Artwork)


When KXNG CROOKED aka Crooked I freestyles, everyone in the room stops to take notice. The Slaughterhouse OG is coming fresh off of killing his appearance in the SHADY CXVPHER while patiently waiting to drop his upcoming mixtape, “Sex, Money, and Hip Hop.” Crooked starts off by letting us know that it is a freestyle, saying the track might come out choppy and sloppy. Despite his original thought, Crooked MERKED this freestyle. His verses come out like he’s been saving these bars for months and he dropped ridiculously quotable lines.

Niggas know I’m iller then Ebola, this shit for the weed rollers, tell the haters “I’m rich, bitch!” and CC: Oprah

Check out the latest from KXNG CROOKED and make sure you download Freestylin Under Oath on Audiomack to keep this track in rotation. Keep your eye on Crooked, I’ve got a feeling he has big tricks up his sleeve for 2015.

About richhomietyler

I'm a communications major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I am a sports writer for The Source and a hip-hop writer for RuptureSpot.com

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