Bodega Bamz Tells Us How He Is Different In An Exclusive Interview

Bodega Bamz has been leading a resurgence in New York hip hop. He is bringing a new sound to the game and is on the fast track to going global. His latest single “El-Rey” is a smooth song with Bodega showing us his unique sound. You can listen to the single in preparation for his upcoming project Sidewalk Exec.

Check out the music video for “El-Rey” above and get the track on iTunes below.

iTunes: Bodega Bamz – El-Rey – Single

We got to ask Bodega Bamz some questions in an exlusive interview.

Read the interview after the jump! 

RS: What/who inspires you to make music?

Bodega Bamz: The fans. it’s more then just making music for myself, the true fans are a big inspiration behind me continuing to make music. My life inspires me, my son, my past struggles, and my unforeseen future inspires me to make music.

RS: Who if anybody would you compare yourself to? 

Bodega Bamz: Honestly I really don’t know who I would compare myself too. Not too much one particular individual, but individuals who achieved success through the hardest circumstances, who sacrificed, never gave up, remained humble, and always kept it real. Anybody who has those traits I compare myself too. I feel like I’m one of a kind. Not because it’s the cool thing to say but because I really feel like my approach, my story, and my view is one of a kind. The sooner people pay attention the sooner they will realize it’s true.

RS: How has the response to “El-Rey” been?

Bodega Bamz: Amazing! I knew people would enjoy it. I’m very particular in selecting what to release. Its important to be that way, instead of just releasing anything. I try to only release music that will be impactful.

RS: What can we expect from “Sidewalk Exec”? Any interesting features?

Bodega Bamz: I can’t give away features yet but you can expect an album that will impact the music game. You can expect nothing short of greatness. I take pride in not sounding like anyone, not flowing like anyone. We’ve been working on this project for 3 years. I’ve heard each songs hundreds of times and if your looking for the New York sound that everyone seems to want to bring back Sidewalk Exec will be the closest to that sound. I hate talking about shit. I love for my music to do the talking

RS: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Bodega Bamz: Kid Cudi

RS: You’ve been starting a new school Latino Hip Hop movement in NY for some time, how do you keep your individuality and avoid getting grouped in with other teams like The Flatbush Zombies, The ASAP Mob, or Pro Era? What makes you different from the others?

Bodega Bamz: What makes me different is that I’m LATINO I’m the only one of my kind doing what I’m doing at this very moment in music. Underground or mainstream it doesn’t matter. The way I keep my individuality is simple, I don’t do industry parties. I don’t kiss ass. I only shake the hands I need to shake and come out to events when it’s time to make money. I remain me because I keep family around me who knew me before the success. I pay close attention to what everybody is doing and do it differently. I’m not trying to be better then anybody. I’m just trying to do things differently.

RS: What’s next for Bodega Bamz?

Bodega Bamz: The world pa, and everything in it


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