The Future: Activist Eyewear

Activist Byrd Frames.

Activist Byrd Frames.

“We believe you should never have to choose between style and performance. We believe in unparalleled optics that protect your eyes and enhance your view of the world.” Activist Eyewear is a brand that stands for creative change and a life spent exploring the world. Since emerging onto the fashion scene in 2010, Activist Eyewear has made it clear that they’re going to stick to the plan of being a completely genuine brand. They have created new inventions (Split-Fit™ design and ActiVIZm™ polarized lenses) in order to provide their customers with the best possible view of the world. Activist Eyewear was founded in Brooklyn, New York by business director, Anthony Codispoti and creative director, Mark Craig. The brand is internationally known since the entire line is “Designed in Brooklyn & crafted in Japan.” Be sure to check out and buy some of Activist Eyewear’s products on the link below.



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